• KyleCollins

This is a safe space.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Let me set the tone here.

Wow. 2020 has really thrown a lot at us: a pandemic, the continuation of an historic social movement, joblessness, extreme uncertainty, a new Presidential election on the horizon.

We're going through it. We'll get to the other side, but it's okay (for you in your life or for our country as a whole) if we don't really know what that's going to look like quite yet.

When airplane pilots fly in extreme weather conditions, they have to rely on their instruments more than ever. They can't see the way forward... but their instruments tell them the way is there, and how to keep moving to safety.

This year, I think we're all clarifying what our own instruments even ARE. What do we really believe? Who do we trust? What do we want? What do we have to give that's of value? Maybe more than we once thought.

As we navigate the second half of this crazy year, let's not be afraid to dig deep. We want solutions to our problems, calm from our anxiety, peace in our world (and in our sleep – yes, please). But we have to accept the way to get it might not come from where we once looked.

The way forward is going to come from us, and it might come in new ways. Maybe we have to BE the new way.

Let's be brave as we go forward. Let's be purposeful with our time, and let's do it together.