• KyleCollins

Shop Like a Stylist

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As a person who loves shopping in physical stores, shopping online during the pandemic started out being a MAJOR DRAG for me. I remember ordering a faux fur blanket from Target and being so excited about it. And then getting it, and being so disappointed with the quality. This would have never happened, I said to myself (and my husband, and our cats, if they were within earshot) if I'd only been able to touch it in a store.

Obviously this teeny tiny challenge, like anything else, brought the opportunity to figure out how to get better results by doing a quick version of the Start. Sort. Style. steps.

START: Get some perspective. No, it's not a major challenge, but it IS an opportunity to get better results. Attitude shift: Accept that online shopping is just how we have to do it sometimes. Be open: Maybe it's not all bad? Maybe there are "pros" to it?

SORT: I wanted to find out how I could shop online better. It turned out I could filter search results by Target brands to only see the merchandise that would be in a real store, and not the other zillion brands that could be questionable. That was helpful.

I had the idea to "shop like a stylist" and order lots of options (bed pillows, in this case), knowing I could send the products we didn't choose back for free. This is how home decor stylists and decorators I've worked with shop for their clients. It helps to bridge the gap between thinking you know what will work vs. being able to test and try the actual merchandise, live and in-person.

Basically: If I can't shop the bedding aisle, I'll bring the bedding aisle to here on Broadway (to a certain extent)!

STYLE: So we did it: Matias and I had fun taking 20 minutes to test the options to see if we were "Medium," "Firm" or "Extra Firm" sleepers. I printed labels and packed up the ones we didn't keep. (Yes, save your boxes, please.) He dropped them off at the UPS store, and they were on their merry way.

With an attitude adjustment and a bit of a plan, it turned out that this method of online shopping has its benefits, if you're willing to tie up the cash for a couple of weeks. I won't say it's better than making a real Target run... but I'm glad to have some new tricks up my sleeve, when I need them.