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SKIN: Brighten & Exfoliate

I've progressed well on my skincare journey since I started really digging into brands and products last year. I wanted to see if products really worked – many do! I wanted to see if I could find what works in a budget-friendly way. And I wanted a routine that didn't take a lot of time to complete each day.

Every now and again, I'll peek in with some Start. Sort. SKIN. recommendations of brands and products that I think help my skin thrive.

Kiehl's is a brand you can feel good about. There's its "NYC apothecary" vibe and a mix of interesting (but not flashy or super trendy) ingredients and products.

I haven't tried anything that I didn't like. The "Ultra Facial" line is solid (as are, probably, most of its bestsellers). But I'm always looking for that ONE product that I can't really get anywhere else. Right now for me, that's its Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask.

The claims, promising "brightness," "energy" and "radiance," will make you smirk. Like: what are those things and can a skincare product even give you that? Who knows?!

I like this mask to get control of oil and for help as a physical exfoliator, thanks to the cranberry seeds. It feels good going on, and as you wash it off. Plop it on 5 minutes before you shower, and you're good to go. Am I "renewed and radiant" after using it? Maybe! Is it a luscious little luxury on an otherwise normal day? Definitely!


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Let me know what SKIN products you're loving, too!

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