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How to Create More Time: Strategy #2

Daria Harvey is a professional organizer and time management strategist in Raleigh, NC, who helps her clients live more calm, organized and intentional lives. She believes that keeping it simple (in your home, in your schedule, and with your priorities) makes you happier all around.

All month long, she’s giving us the scoop on her top 5 ways to create more time. Her instructions are simple and specific, and you can put it into action – now.

Strategy #1 dealt with clutter. Strategy #2 is all about tools that can become digital distractions: email and social media.

In the spirit of saving you time, we're going to keep Daria's instruction short and sweet!

The Start. Step.

First, notice how much time email, social media, and other tasks really take. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the "mindless" tasks or habits we do, and Daria says that's the perfect recipe for a time trap.

The Sort. Step.

Think about and draft some ideas on how to adjust how much time you're giving repetitive tasks. Start with some guidelines, and see how they work for you.

"I recommend setting aside specific times of the day as well as amounts of time, to handle these tasks," Daria says. "I allow myself 15 minutes twice a day to go on my favorite social media accounts and respond to anything that moves me."

Daria follows a similar process for email.

"I give myself a half an hour twice a day to answer email," Daria says. "I first go through and handle the easy things first: the deletes and quick answers."

If those guidelines sound too rigid or unrealistic for you, no worries! Ask around for tips. Your friend (or office mate) might have a routine that works for them, and can work for you, too. Just gather enough info so you can create a plan on how you can cut back on the time traps.

The Style. Step.

With a plan in hand, the Style. step here is to take action for a solid amount of time (at least a couple of weeks!) to figure out if your new plan is working for you.

What do you notice is different? Do you have more time on your hands and, if so, how does that feel to you? Do you miss the distraction? If so, consider why that is.

Use your positive momentum as motivation to keep going – and look for ways to relieve other time traps in your schedule and routine.

Let us know how you do! And look for more time-saving strategies all month from Daria.

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