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How to Create More Time: Strategy #1

Daria Harvey is a professional organizer and time management strategist in Raleigh, NC, who helps her clients live more calm, organized and intentional lives. She believes that keeping it simple (in your home, in your schedule, and with your priorities) makes you happier all around.

All month long, she’s giving us the scoop on her top 5 ways to create more time. Her instruction is simple and specific, and you can put it into action – now.

For Strategy #1, Daria points us to one time trap that can trip up even the most productive people: Clutter.

Clutter in your home is not just about the physical stuff that’s there. Sure, it’s not pretty to look at, and it takes up precious space, but Daria alerts us to the fact that it does much more than that: it can be a mood and productivity killer.

“The presence of clutter signals our minds that there is still much to be done,” she says. “This can often lead us to shut down, or go down a rabbit hole of unimportant tasks.”

When you approach a cluttered space, full of past to-do's, decisions you simply haven't made, and things you haven't dealt with, it's almost like the mess yells at you. And that noise might tend to take priority over your real priorities for the day.

Have you ever sat down at your desk to write a grocery list or a Thank You note, only to find yourself busy and distracted with other, random tasks an hour later? Decluttering can help you win back some of this lost time.

Daria tells us success stories from clients who thought they were simply decluttering, but ended up getting way more than that.

“One client was a single mom with a very high-powered job. Her room and her closet were in complete disarray. After discussing with her the types of clothes she wore to work and how she dressed for the evenings and weekends, I was able to put her clothes in a logical placement within the closet. This allowed her to get ready easier and faster in the mornings. She thanked me for my work and said, ‘Now, I have an extra half an hour with my little girl before I drop her off for daycare.’ That was an incredible feeling."

It's not just in the closet, either.

"Another client was an elderly woman whose kitchen was quite cluttered. I decluttered the duplicates in her kitchen and found a logical spot for everything that was on her counter, whether that was the cabinet, pantry, or another room entirely. While completely clean kitchen counters are nice, the big bonus was when she said, ‘Now that I have space and I know exactly where everything is, I can bake with my grandson now.’ It's not about stuff at all.”

Take Action

Do you want to declutter and win back some time today, but aren't sure where to Start.? Daria says you should focus on the areas in your home that have the most impact.

“Two of the most important areas to tackle in your home and office are the kitchen countertops and your desktop. Clear those spaces first!”

From the bedroom to the hall closet and bathroom, we've identified the Start. Sort. Style. steps for how to organize any area of your home. See the article here!

Pop back in all month long for more strategies from Daria on how to create more time for what you love.

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