• KyleCollins

How do you describe your home style?

In your home, are you a little all-over-the-place when it comes to what you like or do you lock in a look and call it a day?

I'm intrigued by both approaches. The nice way to describe the first one is "eclectic." It's when a home "looks like you" (whatever that means!) and usually takes a lot of time to finesse and curate. You probably add and subtract stuff over a long period of time, so your home's style evolves with you.

At the other end of the spectrum, you see those homes on Instagram that are A Complete Look. It could be "farmhouse," "boho," "country," or "classic." I love looking at homes like that, because they're cohesive and purposeful. Maybe they're a little too matchy-matchy (a con), but they're also less likely to be cluttered or haphazard-looking (a pro). They also can come together pretty quickly, because it's like you almost have a template to follow.

When we moved to our place on Broadway last year, I'd been living in a 250-square foot studio and Matias had been living with a roommate. The first night here, we stretched on the dining room (!) floor like snow angels and just imagined the possibilities. We had very few pieces of furniture or knick-knacks tagging along with us.

We've made a lot of progress over the past year, wanting a fully-realized space, but allowing for ebbs and flows in inspiration (and effort!). It turns out: we're something like "clean eclectic" with different mini-moods happening throughout the space.

Pinterest (not Instagram) has been useful to help us articulate what we like: visually, first, since neither of us have great words for it naturally. It helps us communicate to one another what we're thinking and wanting. (Then, of course, my Sort. step planning skills are allowed to kick in.)

Pinterest has also helps me feel less stylistically schizophrenic, as I veer between neutrals and clean shapes and bright colored maximalism. I just like so many things about both styles, but (let's be honest) they're very different! With my boards, I can peek back at the themes and threads, colors and compositions that have spoken to me over time. That helps me to embrace the process of defining what we like a little better.

The whole process may tend to go slower than I'd prefer... it can be a little frustrating, and it's absolutely imperfect. But, at the end of the day, it's warm and pretty and clean and comfortable and thoughtful. And, pillows and color palettes aside, isn't THAT the kind of home (and life) we really want to build together?