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She's a professional organizer.
He's a journalist.
Together, they help real people across the country achieve their goals, one step at a time.

Start. Sort. Style. started in the Summer of 2017 with a simple email and phone conversation.

Kyle, fascinated with the world of home organizing and all of its time- and money-saving tips and tricks, wanted to know what we really needed to know to get our homes in order. There sure is a lot of info out there, and a lot of Instagram-worthy "afters." Is that how real people live? How do they do it, for real?

Amelia was in the middle of some big moments in her life at the time. She'd just gotten married! She'd just re-launched the Appleshine website, as a bold new way to take her successful organization and design company forward. 

Kyle & Amelia connected on a call and hit it off instantly. They met for coffee in NYC's Upper West Side. They dreamed and schemed and shot their first season of content at the end of 2017.

The 10-week season, with Instagram as its main platform, focused on real New Yorkers' home organizing "trouble spots," with a different spot shown each week. Also each week, Amelia gave solutions to the homeowners on a weekly live broadcast that followed the Start. Sort. Style. steps, and was chock full of tips, tricks and product recommendations.

Now, the team is prepping for even more exciting activity. Amelia is having a baby! But not before shooting a brand new Summer Declutter Challenge series, which will run from June 11 to the end of July. 

“During Summer, you may not want to take on tasks that feel like big, time-consuming projects, but it’s also a time when your schedule is more flexible, and getting away from the activities for a while might be nice,” Amelia says. "We think the Summer Declutter Challenge is perfect for that. There's a little magic baked into the steps. So by the time Summer winds down, you’ll have made great progress without feeling like you had to do a lot of work."